We take your favourite songs and put them on vinyl


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Pick from a wide variety of Spotify playlists, or choose your own customised playlist and Vinylize presses those songs on a 12” vinyl record which is shipped to your door every month.

We believe the vinyl revival needs to be brought up to speed with the 21st century through the customisation and personalisation of records to represent how the people are listening to music.

Brings vinyl into the 21st century
— Roland Johnson, NME
The vinyl revival is truly here. Vinylize is the only option for music lovers
— Jane White, Mashable
Mind-blowingly cool. Customised vinyl is the future!
— Becca Chang, Tech Crunch
Vinylize will spark a revolution and change music consumption forever
— Amir Hussein, The Verge

There's a Vinylize for everyone.